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Title: Undercover
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: John/Elizabeth/Rodney friendship
Spoilers: None. Set in season 2
Warnings: None
Prompt Number: For [ profile] fic101, prompt #58: Holding
Summary: They needed to keep him warm until the rescue team arrived.
Beta: my wonderful [ profile] venom69. Thank you hon *hugs*

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The second time I tried to write it worked. It came out a little angstier than I'd planned, and I'm blaming it all on my current state of mind.

Title: Rain x Rain
Rating: R
Pairing: Sheppard/Weir/McKay. Heavier on Shep/Weir, though.
Classification: h/c, from angst to fluff in 2500 words
Summary: She was frozen to her very core, and not only physically. (Tag to 1x11, The Eye)
Disclaimer: The characters and the city of Atlantis belong to someone else, I’m just borrowing them for a while.
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69

AN: I know this is still a little heavy on Elizabeth’s thoughts, but I’m working on being a little more concise. I swear. Sheppard actually thinks in this one, which is a step forward for me (and for him, I guess). Rodney is more of a side character, but I want to get a little more familiar with writing him before I try getting into his thick head.

For venom69, because I’m afraid the p0rn I wanted to give you will have to wait.

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I'm on a JAG high since S9 will première in about 2 weeks!!! W000T!!! So I'm gonna post the wallpaper I did this summer...kinda shippery...:o)
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Aaand...also posting short SG-1 OT3 ficlet I wrote a couple of months ago, before I even knew what OT3 was...

Title: Jacuzzi
Rating: R for non-graphic sexual situation
Pairing: Jack/Daniel/Sam
Author’s note: This was written because of a topic I started over at Pegasus Galaxy about why SGC owns a Jacuzzi (see Hathor). Blame Bigbluebuddha and ChibiSam…

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I had Fire and water and Hathor playing in background while I was studying this afternoon...
OMG WET DANIEL...Now I know what I want for Christmas!!!!!!
And Fire and Water looks more shippery every time I see it...*scowls*

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Title: The infallible
Pairing: Jack/Dan/Sam (as friends)
Jack POV
Written for [ profile] samcarter100 challenge #32

Real crappy title…but it’s late and I couldn’t come up with anything better…

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