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I seem to remember I owed [ profile] seramercury a John/Aeryn drabble. There it goes.

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I still had few of these lying around....

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I downloaded Sade's "Smooth Operator" this morning and I can't stop listening to the song.
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I blame this on [ profile] odakota_rose entirely. I'm not feeling very well, so I took some extra computer time and this came out. There's Farscape, SG1 and SGA.

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I've got more, but I'm going to dilute the rest in future posts.
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My Muse should get into advertising. She made this snippet look all bright and shiney and enticed me into writing it, but the actual product? not so satisfying. I think I want a refund. Or a new plot bunny.

Title: Weapon of choice
Rating: PG
Fandom: Farscape/SGA
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth/Aeryn friendship (UST?)
Timeline: Season 2 of Farscape, somewhere between season 2 and 3 of SGA
Summary: Peacekeepers weren’t always like this

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for [ profile] xfairy1013

Title: Luck o’ the human
Rating: PG
Fandom: Farscape
Character/Pairing: John/Aeryn friendship / whatever they were at the beginning of season 2
Timeline: In between 2x01 (Mind the Baby) and 2x02 (Vitas Mortis)
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69
Summary: “I’m not exactly comfortable with the thought of you flying through a minefield.”

A/N: I hate myself for writing this, because any attempt on my part to write the wonderful Farscape characters could be considered blasphemy, but I made a commitment, and tried not to make John and Aeryn sound too off. As Ben Browder rightly said, 'remind me never to write a goodbye scene' (again, in my case). [ profile] xfairy1013, I hope you like it.

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I've decided to put all my Farscape dvds in shiny cases and make front and back covers for them so I could keep them in my cd holder rather than having them laying around my desk all the time. So, while I had Photoshop open I did some icons to fill the gap left by the SGA icons I cancelled (I'm keeping all the Elizabeth-related stuff and some favorites of mine, but the rest I didn't need / want anymore) and experimented a little.

Feel free to snatch, just credit. :)

(winner of challenge #24 at [ profile] shipper_hush)

Now excuse me, but I've got a fanfic to type ;)
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[15] Farscape
[10] Stargate Atlantis
[6] Stargate SG1
[4] The Dresden Files
[3] Others (2 Italy, 1 Lois & Clark)

[3] User info banners (actually they're 3 variations of the same one). Ford / Carson / Elizabeth support.


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Feel free to snatch all you want, just credit ;)
Comments are love!!
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[08] Elizabeth Weir
[05] SG-1
[08] Farscape (John/Aeryn; random)

There are icons from the second half of both SG1 S10 and SGA S3, no plot spoilers though. Just pretty people :)


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Oct. 2nd, 2006 10:16 pm
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I was in an icon mood, so...

[13] Atlantis: (Elizabeth mostly, few J/E) Spoilers for The Real World and The Return, pt 1
[3] Farscape: (1 Aeryn, 2 John/Aeryn)


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