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This is the first fic I've written for Sparktober. I have a WIP that I wonder whether I'll be able to finish, and another idea for my BSG/SGA verse. Damn you plotbunnies!!

Title: New Angles
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sparky
Summary: After being rescued from the Asurans, Elizabeth is back on Atlantis and waiting for the IOA to decide on her fate. John tries to make her feel at home as she struggles with her new part human, part replicator identity. Pre-ship, mild UST. A tiny bit of Angst. Set in an alternate S4.
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Title: Mysteries and politics
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of sex
Fandom: BSG/SGA crossover (only BSG characters are present, but there are multiple references to the Stargate universe)
Pairing: established Roslin/Adama
Timeline: BSG: season 4.5 / SGA: no specific references, but in my mind this occurs after The Real World.
Summary: Just an A/R vignette set on Atlantis after the Galactica ends up on Lantea in our future.
A/N: This little piece follows “It was a dark and stormy night”, which I wrote, I kid you not, over 5 years ago. This is probably the first time I've actually written Adama/Roslin, despite their being one of my main OTPs.

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Title: Home
Rating: G
Pairing: pre-sparky, mild UST
Timeline: Early season 2. This is set on Earth.
Summary: Elizabeth's trip to Earth does not go as planned and she asks for the support of her second-in-command.
A/N: I was just not feeling it tonight and then I saw some Sparky gif on Tumblr. This followed.

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Title: Air and Water
Fandom: SGA
Pairing: John/Liz UST.
Rating: PG
Summary: Unable to go to sleep, Colonel John Sheppard heads down to the pool for a late night swim.
A/N: For [ profile] vickysg1, who gave me the prompt insomnia months ago

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Title: I can't say goodbye again
Author: valeria_sg_1
Recipient: galfridian
Pairing: John/Elizabeth, mentions of Rodney/Katie Brown
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: Not mine, just having a little fun with them
Author's Notes: For galfridian at [ profile] sga_santa
Summary: A year after her they lost her to the Replicators, Elizabeth suddenly reappears on the Alpha Site.

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Title: War diary
Rating: PG
Disclaimer: SGA and its characters are not mine.
Summary: A bit of late night reading.
A/N: real life got in the way of me writing something more serious so here's some shameless fluff. It *is* Sparktober, after all.
Written for Sparktober 2014.

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I don't know if the Beckett / Regina fanfic will ever get finished, I am so fucking busy and sleep-deprived at the moment that writing is not an option and I really want to cross 'fanfic' off my to do list share a snippet of my work in progress with you.

270 words, Castle and Beckett, G.

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I seem to remember I owed [ profile] seramercury a John/Aeryn drabble. There it goes.

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I was working on another fic but it was raining yesterday and it put me in a 'fall' mood. It's bad and makes no sense and it made me realize that I don't know how to write Elizabeth anymore, but at least I've broken the curse.

Title: It was a dark and stormy night
Fandom: BSG, SGA
Characters: Laura Roslin, Elizabeth Weir
Timeline: BSG – early season 4, SGA – season 2-3
Wordcount: around 1,000.

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My Muse should get into advertising. She made this snippet look all bright and shiney and enticed me into writing it, but the actual product? not so satisfying. I think I want a refund. Or a new plot bunny.

Title: Weapon of choice
Rating: PG
Fandom: Farscape/SGA
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth/Aeryn friendship (UST?)
Timeline: Season 2 of Farscape, somewhere between season 2 and 3 of SGA
Summary: Peacekeepers weren’t always like this

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Title:Pandora's box
Pairing: Elizabeth/Vala
Summary:It sucks not being in control of your own body, mh?
Note: for [ profile] medie's annual Elizabeth Weir-drabble-a-thon

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Title:Late night games
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Vala Mal Doran
Summary: Elizabeth is not the only one who can't sleep tonight
Note: for [ profile] medie's annual Elizabeth Weir-drabble-a-thon

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Another day, another ficathon...

Title: Farewell to a kindred soul
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Pairing: Daniel/Elizabeth, hint to Elizabeth/Simon
Rating: PG
Prompt: Daniel and Elizabeth have dinner after the events of New Order
Author Notes: For the [ profile] sg1sga_ficathon. Written for [ profile] million_moments, betaed by my wonderful [ profile] venom69

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Title: Elusion
Pairing: Qetesh-Vala / Osiris-Sarah Gardner
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: [ profile] sg_femslash minificathon. Written for [ profile] ryf
Prompt:“Never explain…your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.”
Author Notes: Thanks to the lovely [ profile] racethewind10 for the beta and the edits that made this a better read.

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I'm not feeling so peachy at the moment, so...

The Work-in-Progress Meme! When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around.

I'm posting all of the WIPs but the two I'm currently working on. I'd like to get at least a few of them done in the future, so I'd appreciate if you'd 'voted' for one or more of those, like in that ficathon I couldn't sign up for due to lack of time. XD

SG1, Daniel/Vala. Missing scene from 'Unending'
Unending )

SGA, Elizabeth/Ronon. This one has been sitting on my HD for a year and a half. It was a response to the cliché 'stranded on a planet' challenge.
Left behind )

SGA, AU, Elizabeth/Carson, Elizabeth/Janeway, Janeway/Chakotay. Set in the same universe as Folding Time and Transcendence (by [ profile] venom69).
dysfunctional ship )

SGA, AU. John/Rodney/Elizabeth After the events of Trinity, Weir and Mckay are removed from the Atlantis expedition, and neither of them seem that keen to go bak to Earth. Sheppard comes up with an improbable solution...
OT3 AU )

SGA, AU. John/Rodney/Elizabeth. In the early 80's, young Rodney McKay is looking for two other bikers to form a team and enter the Atlantis race. He'll find much more.
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SGA, AU.Elizabeth Weir, newly appointed Captain of the Federation Starship Atlantis and her crew are about to embark on a mission beyond the borders of the Milky Way thanks to an experimental device designed to create artificial wormholes. My idea for last year's NaNoWriMo. I never even finished the first chapter.
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for [ profile] xfairy1013

Title: Luck o’ the human
Rating: PG
Fandom: Farscape
Character/Pairing: John/Aeryn friendship / whatever they were at the beginning of season 2
Timeline: In between 2x01 (Mind the Baby) and 2x02 (Vitas Mortis)
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69
Summary: “I’m not exactly comfortable with the thought of you flying through a minefield.”

A/N: I hate myself for writing this, because any attempt on my part to write the wonderful Farscape characters could be considered blasphemy, but I made a commitment, and tried not to make John and Aeryn sound too off. As Ben Browder rightly said, 'remind me never to write a goodbye scene' (again, in my case). [ profile] xfairy1013, I hope you like it.

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for[ profile] vickysg1

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I wrote this fanfic before the "single = lesbian" drama happened, but it's strangely fitting, as it somewhat deals with stereotypes and discrimination

Title: Defining sexism
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis/ Stargate SG1
Rating: PG-13 to mild R, it depends on how sensitive you are.
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth / Vala
Spoilers: None
Summary: So, if I kissed you now…
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69
Prompt Number: #70: Tell @ [ profile] fic101

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Title: Eye in the sky
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Fandom: SGA/ SG1
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: Jack/Elizabeth friendship, UST (Go ahead, sue me. I have a good lawyer)
Spoilers: None, set during SGA 3x01 No Man’s Land
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69
Prompt Number: #29: Weak

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Title: Off the peak
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Fandom: Stargate Atlantis
Rating: PG
Character/Pairing: established John/Elizabeth/Rodney
Spoilers: 3x18 Submersion (It’s a tag)
Beta: My wonderful [ profile] venom69
Warnings: None
Prompt Number: #13: High
Summary:If John Sheppard had learnt anything during his full three years in Atlantis, it was not to underestimate the power of science. Ne

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