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[ profile] xfairy1013 left today, :(( *cries* I'm already missing you, and mom says she misses you, too!! It's strange, after having someone always around for days, being once again alone in front of the screen.

I was supposed to catch up with my f-list and write a summary of my five days with [ profile] xfairy1013 and I got sucked in the drabble tree thing and then icon making...*headdesk*

Untitled Elizabeth/Teyla-ish double drabble (200 words), rated G
doubledrabble )
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Title: Expedients
Fandom: Crossover Stargate Atlantis/SG1
Pairing: Elizabeth Weir/Sam Carter
Rating: R
Word count: 113

A/N: for challenge #73 (salt) at [ profile] femslash100

You taste like the ocean )
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Title: Admit
Rating: PG
Pairing: Weir/Beckett
Word Count: 107
Spoilers: 2x08 - Conversion
A/N: Written for the Elizabeth/Carson drabble challenge at [ profile] oddball_sga

Admit )
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Written for [ profile] jackoneill100

Title: Chromes
Pairing: Jack/Sam
Rating: G
Spoilers: Threads
Challenge: Motorcycles
Author’s notes: Now you know why Jack had a motorcycle to sell :P

Chromes )
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I'm still working on the x-files fanfic, but I couldn't just leave my babies neglected, so...

Title: The last straw
Pairing: Kinda Sam/Jack
Rating: T for graphic details and self-inflicted pain
Spoilers: Entity
Warnings: Character death
Challenge: Character death
Notes: This is an AU for the episode Entity.

straw )

Title: Shoot ‘em all
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Pairing: N/A
Rating: T for graphic violence
Spoilers: N/A
Warnings: Well, let me see…
Challenge: Character death

Shoot’em_all )

Title: Be still my heart
Pairing: N/A
Rating: K+
Spoilers: Gemini
Challenge: #58 Replicarter

heart )
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Title: Inner torture
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Pairing: None
Rating: Older kids
Challenge: Sam Whumping

to_whumped_Sam )

Title: Trapped
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Pairing: None
Rating: K
Challenge: Sam whumping

more_Sam )
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Title: Admission of crime
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: M (older teens)
Spoilers: Singularity
Challenge: Dirtywrong
AN: Follows Chain of command and Insubordination

follow_Sam )
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Title: Jurassic Park
Author: Valeria_sg_1
Pairing: None
Rating: PG-13 for a swear word and a little violence
Spoilers: none
Challenge: DVD titles

dinos )

Title: Matrix Reloaded
Author: Valeria_sg_1
Pairing: None
Rating: Pg-13 for strong sexual innuendoes.
Spoilers: none
Warnings: sexual harassment ; P Hints of f/f and m/m
Challenge: DVD titles

reload_fake_cut )

Title: Matrix Re-Reloaded (as if once wasn’t enough)
more )

Title: Insubordination
Author: Valeria_sg_1
Pairing: Sam/Jack
Rating: Adults
Spoilers: Tag to The first commandment
Warning: non-consensual sex
Challenge: Dirtywrong.
AN: Sequel to Chain of command ( )

Read more... )
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Title: Memento
Rating: PG
Pairing: Maybe implied S/J, depends on how you interpret it.
Future fic, Cassie POV
Spoliers: None.
Challenge: Photographs.

photographs )

Title: Oven stories
Rating: PG for a mild swear word
Pairing: None, S/J friendship
Spoilers: Threads
Challenge: childhood

drabble )

Title: Strength
Rating: R for violence
Pairing: None
Challenge: Sam whumping

Strength )

This series was written before Threads aired in the UK, when angst ruled among the fans. So, there are absolutely no spoilers regarding how the episode turned out in the end.

Title: D is for Diet Soda
Rating: G
Pairing: Jack/Kerry
Jack POV
Spoilers: Threads
Challenge: Alphabet soup
Author’s notes: Sam appears only in Jack’s thoughts in this one…hope it’s ok.

D )

Title: P is for Parting (102 Dalmatians in this one, sorry…)
Rating: G
Pairing: Sam/Jack, implied Sam/Pete and Jack/Kerry
Classification: Jack POV, angst
Spoilers: everything up to season 9 rumors
Challenge: Alphabet soup
Follows D is for Diet Soda

P )

Title: W is for Whoops
Rating: R for non detailed graphic sexual situation
Pairing: S/J (kinda) Jack/Kerry
Spoilers: Threads
Jack POV
Challenge: Alphabet soup
Follows P is for Parting

W )

The Sam and Jack fluff series #1: 100 days

Title: Jackass O’ Neill
Rating: PG for a little curse word.
Pairing: S/J
Jack POV
Spoilers: The infamous 100days (I had *sworn* I’d never write about that. Blame it on exam overload)
Challenge: Fluff

fluff )

Title: Making it up to you
Rating: G
Paring: S/J
Spoilers: 100 days
Challenge: Fluff. Follows Jackass O’Neill

more )

The Sam and Jack fluff series #2: The House is still a mess

Part 1
Rating: G
Pairing: S/J
Challenge: Fluff

#1 )

#2 )

#3 )

And some random alphabet letters!

Title: A is for adoring you already
Rating: G
Pairing: none, S/J friendship
Jack POV
Spoliers: references to COTG
Challenge: Alphabet soup
Author’s note: I know Sam usually walks at least half-step behind Jack, something related to rank, I guess. In this drabble, for the sake of the 100 words limit, she walks beside him. ;oP
The quote is not included the word count.

A )

Title: M is for mole
Rating: R for naked making-out, but more of a M-15 I think.
Pairing: S/J
Spoilers: Nope, mention of Tin Man
Challenge: Alphabet soup

M )

Title: N is for Nightmare
Rating: Pg-13 (just to be safe) for disturbing images
Pairing: Sam/Jack (kinda)
Jack POV…and sooo OOC
Challenge: Alphabet soup
Author’s notes: This one was inspired by the X-files episode Avatar, which featured AT.

N )

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Yup, see what I do instead of studying...
I finished the first part of the damn French book, but I really don't remember a damn...the second part and the notes look a lot simpler to remember...

I'm sooo bitchy...must be PMS...

Title: Sunstroke
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Sam/Jack (great NoRomo I am…duh)
Classification: Humor, Jack POV, PWP.
Challenge: Heatwave
sunstroke )

Title: Water drops
Rating: G
Pairing: None. Team friendship
Classification: H/C, Sam POV
Challenge: Heatwave

drops )

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Title: My hero
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Spoliers: Heroes
Challenge : News

hero )

Title: Dear Janet
Rating: PG
Pairing: Sam/Janet
Spoilers: Heroes
Challenge: Love letters

letter )

pics )

I don’t have a paid account and I want personal mood Icons…so I’ll cheat…

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Title: The Intruder
Pairing: Sam/ whoever you want
Rating: R for sexual situations (kinda…you’ll just have to read it)
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Inanimate objects

Intruder )

H is for Happiness
Rating G
Pairing S/J
Spoilers: None
Challenge: Alphabet soup

There are two versions…an angsty one
angst )

and since I owe Sam cuddles, a really sappy one.
sap )

I should really stop writing after 1.00 in the morning…
Going to bed now...
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Title: The infallible
Pairing: Jack/Dan/Sam (as friends)
Jack POV
Written for [ profile] samcarter100 challenge #32

Real crappy title…but it’s late and I couldn’t come up with anything better…

Read more... )
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Got about 9 hours of study today as well, so I got a couple of drabbles out of my mind tonight…there was more I wanted to write, but didn’t find the time…
Tecla and Nena came over to visit me before going to the movies…I was supposed to go as well but…school first!!!
F is for Family
Rating: Pg
Pairing: OT4

Read more... )

S is for Sleepless
Rating: Pg-13
Pairing: Sam/Jack, implied OT4
Follows F is for Family

Read more... )
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Feeling pretty creative today…
Another entry for challenge #29 on [ profile] samcarter100

Title: United we stand
Pairing: None. Team fic
Classification: Sam POV, character death
Rating: Pg-13 for violence
Read more... )

and some icons…a Teal’c one and some Daniel/Sam/Jack ones…all from 1969…God, I’m so getting into this OT3 thing…

icons )


Nov. 12th, 2004 09:50 pm
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Hours of sleep 6 (not too bad) fanfic read 0 (but night's still young) chewing gums 3

Just two crappy pieces I wrote for challenges…
the.beast ) this one won the challenge #7 on [ profile] sgffchallenges ) About to enter challenge #29 on [ profile] samcarter100

Both are rated G (me…writing G…that’s something new!!!)


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