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May. 5th, 2009 10:25 pm
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Testing, testing, 1,2,3...
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I'm momentarily breaking the hiatus to offer you the obligatory Will and Grace video comment on the current SGA situation.

*resumes radio silence*
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I was feeling nostalgic yesterday night and made a few Jurassic Park icons. Ellie Sattler was my first girlcrush at 7 and she deserves a place among my userpics. And the dinos are just cool.

*scampers back to her French photocopies*
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I still had few of these lying around....

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I downloaded Sade's "Smooth Operator" this morning and I can't stop listening to the song.
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I blame this on [ profile] odakota_rose entirely. I'm not feeling very well, so I took some extra computer time and this came out. There's Farscape, SG1 and SGA.

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I've got more, but I'm going to dilute the rest in future posts.
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My Muse should get into advertising. She made this snippet look all bright and shiney and enticed me into writing it, but the actual product? not so satisfying. I think I want a refund. Or a new plot bunny.

Title: Weapon of choice
Rating: PG
Fandom: Farscape/SGA
Character/Pairing: Elizabeth/Aeryn friendship (UST?)
Timeline: Season 2 of Farscape, somewhere between season 2 and 3 of SGA
Summary: Peacekeepers weren’t always like this

fic )
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I wasn't going to comment on that, because, you know, not my problem anymore, but I was watching Will & Grace and when I came across this scene I decided to make it my video comment to the news.

(It might not have much to do with it, but it makes me laugh as much)

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Title:Pandora's box
Pairing: Elizabeth/Vala
Summary:It sucks not being in control of your own body, mh?
Note: for [ profile] medie's annual Elizabeth Weir-drabble-a-thon

shortie )
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Title:Late night games
Characters: Elizabeth Weir, Vala Mal Doran
Summary: Elizabeth is not the only one who can't sleep tonight
Note: for [ profile] medie's annual Elizabeth Weir-drabble-a-thon

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Well, good news came regarding the thesis (as in, once I'm done reading the 4 philosophy books I can start writing), so I decided to slack a little and play with Photoshop. I've got some random icons and a comedic caption I made for the guys at GW.


[4] Farscape (behind the scenes and 1 from Meltdown)
[4] SGA (Elizabeth and Sparky)
[7] SG1 (mostly Vala)
[1] Torri Higginson
[3] Horses


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The GW thingie

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Another day, another ficathon...

Title: Farewell to a kindred soul
Author: [ profile] valeria_sg_1
Pairing: Daniel/Elizabeth, hint to Elizabeth/Simon
Rating: PG
Prompt: Daniel and Elizabeth have dinner after the events of New Order
Author Notes: For the [ profile] sg1sga_ficathon. Written for [ profile] million_moments, betaed by my wonderful [ profile] venom69

fanfic here )
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Title: Elusion
Pairing: Qetesh-Vala / Osiris-Sarah Gardner
Rating: Nc-17
Summary: [ profile] sg_femslash minificathon. Written for [ profile] ryf
Prompt:“Never explain…your friends do not need it and your enemies will not believe you anyway.”
Author Notes: Thanks to the lovely [ profile] racethewind10 for the beta and the edits that made this a better read.

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I'm not feeling so peachy at the moment, so...

The Work-in-Progress Meme! When you see this, post a little weensy excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around.

I'm posting all of the WIPs but the two I'm currently working on. I'd like to get at least a few of them done in the future, so I'd appreciate if you'd 'voted' for one or more of those, like in that ficathon I couldn't sign up for due to lack of time. XD

SG1, Daniel/Vala. Missing scene from 'Unending'
Unending )

SGA, Elizabeth/Ronon. This one has been sitting on my HD for a year and a half. It was a response to the cliché 'stranded on a planet' challenge.
Left behind )

SGA, AU, Elizabeth/Carson, Elizabeth/Janeway, Janeway/Chakotay. Set in the same universe as Folding Time and Transcendence (by [ profile] venom69).
dysfunctional ship )

SGA, AU. John/Rodney/Elizabeth After the events of Trinity, Weir and Mckay are removed from the Atlantis expedition, and neither of them seem that keen to go bak to Earth. Sheppard comes up with an improbable solution...
OT3 AU )

SGA, AU. John/Rodney/Elizabeth. In the early 80's, young Rodney McKay is looking for two other bikers to form a team and enter the Atlantis race. He'll find much more.
Biker AU )

SGA, AU.Elizabeth Weir, newly appointed Captain of the Federation Starship Atlantis and her crew are about to embark on a mission beyond the borders of the Milky Way thanks to an experimental device designed to create artificial wormholes. My idea for last year's NaNoWriMo. I never even finished the first chapter.
ST:Atlantis )
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For no apparent reason (although I think it has to do with granma lecturing mom about it), today I was allowed to go to the stables on my own. It was well about time.

Also, in honor of the signature war (Carter fans vs Weir fans of course, as always) that's recently started on the GW forum, I've made a few parodic ones myself. They don't mean to be offensive to anyone, in fact, they hardly feature any actual SGA character. My way of saying 'stop the fandom wars!' :D (Okay, maybe the last one is a little sarcastic...and the 4th...before you start screaming at me, check your TV Guide. This particular character does end up in Atlantis in his first hour-long adventure)


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I've had this fanmix on my iTunes playlist for months, and I've forgotten how many times I've changed it, adding or deleting songs as S10 episodes aired and Vala's character kept unfolding and growing. It started out as a crack-mix, and I ended up with this.

Edit: Meh, I just saw there's a glitch in the back cover. I know these are more decorative than anything, and no one is going to actually print and use them. But if you are, drop me a line and I'll fix it for you.

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I decided to start with my favorite pictures of the trip, the ones featuring animals. Holland, Germany and Switzerland are much greener countries than Italy and it's not difficult to spot beautiful animals, even near the cities. Some of the wild ones we saw from the bus, so I couldn't take a picture of those, and the same goes for the hundreds of cows and horses that inhabit the lands' pastures.

A list of the animals I saw (I'm still trying to place a couple of the birds I saw, though, maybe one or more of you can give me a hand by looking at the pics?)
- A stork
- Hawks
- An eagle
- A doe
- A gray heron*
- Horses / Ponies
- Cows
- Goats*
- Sheep*
- A cock*
- Hens
- Ducks*
- Coots*
- Sparrows*
- Swans*
- Throstles*
- Bunnies and hares*
- Seagulls*

* = animals I have taken pictures of

On with the pics!! )

Well, hope you enjoyed the animals. City pictures will be coming in the next days!!


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