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I don't know if the Beckett / Regina fanfic will ever get finished, I am so fucking busy and sleep-deprived at the moment that writing is not an option and I really want to cross 'fanfic' off my to do list share a snippet of my work in progress with you.

270 words, Castle and Beckett, G.

"Castle, she's probably just embarrassed that her son ran away and that he told us all those stories." Beckett shrugged in her leather jacket. "She's scared we’re gonna call child services on her."

“What if she *is* an evil witch and traps you inside fairyland like she did with these other characters in the human world?” His voice husked, taking a conspiratorial tone.

“Then you call Tweedledee and Tweedledum at the precinct and come to my rescue.” She flashed him a smile.

“Funny, Alice. And who would I be in this little spin-off of yours?” He asked, an eyebrow quirked upwards in curiosity. Castle had a tendency for walking right into her traps. After four years, she highly suspected he’d been doing it on purpose for quite some time now. Being the butt of her jokes had become a special mark of their relationship, just like their morning coffee and his excuses to avoid helping with paperwork.

“The Cheshire cat, obviously.” Her voice perked up. He looked down as slender fingers played with the lapel of his coat.

He frowned. “Why the Cheshire Cat?”

She pursed her lips, pretending to be deep in thought. “Because you’re always around when mischief is to be done. You can be helpful in your own, bizarre way---and you can be downright annoying!” She gave him a light tap on the cheek with two fingers, taking him by surprise. “Now vanish for a while so we can get this talk with the mayor over with.”

He cradled his cheek and glared at her in mock offence. “Yes ma’am. Just ring me when you’re done.”
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